Joining the unified voice of the Brain, Not Bone Alone global cooperative doesn't just give you an equipped and passionate marketing team; it provides a partnership with a purpose-driven, 71,000-person licensed community.

Here's what becoming a member brings to your practice:

Social Media Mastery

Four to five monthly social media posts placed for you including custom graphics, videos, and GIFs, crafted to engage and expand your online presence, reflecting monthly themes for consistent brand messaging.

Dynamic Website and SEO

A fully-managed, engagement-optimized website complete with hosting and SEO services built for engagement & education, aligned with the editorial calendar to draw in individuals seeking your expertise.

Appointment Scheduling

An integrated appointment calendar to streamline your bookings, making patient management as smooth as your patient's journey to better health.

Engaging 2-Way Texting

Communicate directly and efficiently with your patients through a convenient texting service, enhancing their responsiveness.

Email Marketing Excellence

Two professionally designed campaigns per month, tailored to educate your subscribers and keep your practice top of mind, in sync with the editorial focus!

National Press Exposure

Amplify your reach with inclusion in the monthly Brain, Not Bone Alone national press release, boosting your practice's visibility nationwide.

Brain, Not Bone Alone is more than a marketing solution; it's your gateway to our profession, unifying the message that we all deliver neurological benefits with our care. We clear neural pathways for optimum body function, and the public is looking for that solution. Let them know it is you. Start now and be part of a movement that is just as focused on patient wellness as you are.

Get Your Time Back

Brain, Not Bone Alone revolutionizes marketing for chiropractors, freeing them from tedious promotional tasks and allowing them to focus on their core expertise. With its intuitive automation features and targeted outreach capabilities, this software streamlines marketing efforts, saving chiropractors valuable time. By handling scheduling, content creation, and audience engagement with precision, Brain, Not Bone Alone empowers chiropractors to invest their energy where it matters most: providing exceptional care to their patients. Say goodbye to marketing headaches and hello to more opportunities to excel in your practice.

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