The Founding 50 members of the 'Brain, Not Bone Alone' movement are the pioneering force behind a global revolution in chiropractic and neurological wellness. These visionary leaders have not only embraced but also advanced the crucial understanding of the interconnectedness between spinal health and brain function. Hailing from diverse backgrounds in chiropractic care, neuroscience, and holistic wellness, they have collectively elevated the practice of chiropractic across continents and languages, unifying an industry towards the common goal of clearing neural pathways to enhance overall wellness.

Their innovative approaches and collaborative research have set new standards in healthcare, illustrating the powerful role of chiropractic care in achieving optimal neurological health. As the initial innovators and steadfast advocates of this integrative approach, they continue to lead the charge, transforming the perception and efficacy of chiropractic medicine on a global scale. Through their dedication, the Founding 50 have laid a robust foundation for a future where chiropractic care is integral to holistic health strategies worldwide.

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